Have you unknowingly been submitting your customers to stage fright? This phenomenon can be described as nervousness before or during an appearance in front of public spectators. Men experience a high degree of exposure in public restrooms. Without proper urinal stall dividers, you may severely damage the trust and loyalty of your customers.


A customer walks into your business comfortable, confident and open-minded. However, when answering nature’s call, he walks into the restroom and finds the urinals lacking proper urinal screens. This privacy void creates a degree of nervous apprehension.

At this point he may develop feelings of dread and panic, which could take a huge toll on his self-confidence and esteem. Consciously or unconsciously this customer will begin to connect your brand with insecurity and unmet needs.


For you and your customers’ peace of mind, confidence and esteem, we have developed stage fright eliminating urinal stalls! We provide instantaneous divider solutions in three quality materials: plastic, metal and stainless steel.

The powder coated metal stall partitions offer the best industry value, featuring galvanized steel, rust resistance and a gleaming consistent finish. Common cleaning chemicals won’t stand a chance in messing with these dividers.

The solid plastic toilet partitions feature a 25-year manufacturing warranty. They are highly resistant to scratches, impacts, dramatic temperature changes and rust. Never sacrificing style for quality, we produce the plastic urinal screens in 14 different colors.

At the high end of urinal screens, we have produced stainless steel with a gleaming elegant finish. In addition to high-durability, this divider meets class A fire rating requirements, as well as environmental properties, providing LEED credit for exceptional recyclability.

Let us help you avoid this terrifying business blunder. With our highly developed divider screens, your customer will privately answer nature’s call and breathe out a sigh of relief. Trust and loyalty is restored, and stage fright is eliminated.