Your bathroom is a sacred space. Many people dream of a bathroom with maximum comfort that befits their personal style. However, many settle for less because the budget for such is a nightmare. You can make your dream a reality without spending more than you budget.

The solution is bathroom remodeling. A midrange bathroom remodel is a great investment. Instead of thinking of a new bathroom, why not remodel? You will be glad and joyous that you updated your bathroom.

Here is how to get the bathroom of your dream without straining your pocket:


Bathroom remodeling leaves no room for improvisation. Before you proceed, think careful about how you will utilize the space, the materials and features you want and most importantly, your budget.

It is that you spend up to six months planning and evaluating before beginning work. Doing this, you have a perfect picture and guideline for your decisions. Once the process begins, stick to the plan, no room for mind changing. Alterations to the initial plan will only add costs and make you spend more than you budgeted. If you are poor at planning, hire a designer. A professional designer will make sure installers and contractors work in an orderly fashion.


While multiple shower heads and heated floors are fabulous additions to a bathroom remodel, few features make a bathroom satisfying than beautiful lightning. Funny enough, lighting installation cost only a fraction of the price of other amenities.

If you plan to shop for bulbs, then you have to pay attention to lumens. Lumens is the amount of light you get from a lightning bulb i.e. the brightness. For this bathroom task, the lightning research center recommends:

  • Toilet – 45 lumens
  • Sink – 450 lumens
  • Vanity – 1,680 lumens


Bathroom ventilation is vital for removing excess humidity that makes bathroom slippery, fogs mirrors and enhances the growth of mold and mildew. Mold control and humidity are important for maintaining a healthy bathroom. Mold remediation is costly plus it can cost you your cabinets and painted finishes. Be especially mindful to check the walls after flooding. The nasty fungus likes to hide in the insulation of your walls.


Bathroom storage is usually a challenge because many don’t think about it until the toilet, sink, and shower are installed. After these installations, there is little space left for storing toilet paper, towels and body products. Here are tips to create storage space:

  • THINK VERTICALLY: The upper wall space in bathrooms are often underutilized. Spaces between walls create are potential storage spaces for holding soaps and toiletries. Fit overhead helves to use the blank wall space.
  • MOVEABLE STORAGE: Inexpensive baskets set on the floor are trendy towel holders. You can also install floor-stand coat racks to hold wet towels, clothes, and bathrobes.


Sticking to the same footprint and installing new plumbing fittings near existing plumbing pipes, save you demolition and reconstruction costs. The dust and debris produced during the remodeling will be reduced too.